CBD for Nerve Pain

Nerve pain is a condition that can be extremely debilitating. Some different issues and conditions can cause it, and various treatments are available. Unfortunately, many of the prescription treatments that a doctor may offer to you can create some unpleasant side effects like issues with sleep, fatigue, headaches. Many people are starting to find relief from nerve pain with the use of CBD.

While CBD has many different medical benefits, CBD oil for nerve damage and CBD oil for nerve regeneration is quite promising. Since CBD can have such a profound impact on the nervous system, it’s no wonder that CBD nerve repair can occur from an ongoing regimen. In just a few short weeks of using a high-quality CBD product, quite a bit of relief can be achieved. Let’s take a closer look at CBD oil for nerve pain.

Conditions Relating to Nerve Pain

Some medical conditions can cause nerve pain, which is described as a tingling sensation, numbness, electrical shock or sharp pain. It can include:

  • A variety of injuries that end up causing a pinched or damaged nerve.
  • HIV can cause nerve pain whether it be from the condition itself or the medication used to treat the condition. 
  • Diabetes can cause extreme nerve pain. It’s due to high glucose levels causing nerve damage. 
  • Diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neuron Disease can cause extreme nerve pain. 
  • Phantom pain is widespread as well. There is no known cause for this issue. 

Of course, it is essential to take care of oneself when a condition is present. Properly maintaining your health is the first step towards controlling your pain. However, when many other remedies have been exhausted, CBD and nerve pain exists as an option. It can prevent a person from withdrawing from their normal social life and improve their quality of life. 

Long Term Nerve Pain

When nerve pain continues CBD for long periods, this can have devastating effects on the body. The body can quickly become fatigued from the job of coping with sensory overload caused by nerve pain. This cycle can continue, creating a whole host of other problems. What ends up happening is, the body loses its sense of overall balance. You don’t sleep as well, your body doesn’t metabolize energy as it should, and your immune system fails you.

The use of cannabinoids daily can help you achieve balance within your mind and body.

It’s imperative that you treat your nerve pain as early on as you can. Otherwise, permanent damage to nerves that don’t have the potential to be reversed can significantly affect your self-sufficiency.

Does CBD Help Nerve Pain? 

Cannabis-based products are becoming more and more popular. Not only are these products useful, but they are also incredibly safe. There is no risk of addiction when using CBD oil. You even cannot overdose on these products when taken as directed. As the use of cannabis has become more legal than ever before, the mythical dangers and risks of cannabis and CBD are becoming debunked. More and more nerve pain sufferers are beginning to talk about their pain and the potential that CBD can offer them.

CBD oil has many natural anti-inflammatory properties that can treat all kinds of pain. The relaxing side effect that comes from a daily regimen can be what a patient needs to diminish their ongoing nerve pain. CBD also can decrease pain levels in the body; it can reduce anxiety and help a person sleep. Is CBD good for nerve pain? Absolutely! The use of CBD can accurately control many issues relating to nerve pain. 

How to Use CBD Oil for Nerve Pain Issues

A few different forms of CBD for nerve pain are available. When thinking about what would work best for you and your condition, think about when you will be taking the product, how you would like to make it and how often you would like to take it. It can help you decide which of these options will be most beneficial:


It is a CBD oil that you can spray or drop into your mouth. You let the product sit under your tongue for about 20 seconds. Then you swallow the rest of the product and allow it to be absorbed into your body. 


It’s a straightforward way to consume the same metered dose of CBD each day. You take this capsule just like you would any other medication. 


It’s a cream, salve or ointment that you can apply directly to the area of your body that is experiencing pain. If you are only experiencing nerve pain in one area of your body, this is a great way to achieve results without having to consume a product that will be absorbed by your entire body. 


You can inhale CBD in an e-cigarette product if this is something that you use frequently.

Each of these options has benefits. The most fast-lasting options are vaporizing and tinctures. If you are more interesting long-lasting, then you may want to think about something like capsules. Topical treatments will help you quickly, but you may find that you need to reapply a few times throughout a day. You’ll want to stick with the recommended dosage that is given to you with your product. You may need to work your way up from there but give your body some time to adjust before you make the switch. 

So, What the Result?

You can’t always treat the reason for your chronic nerve pain. However, you have the choice to find a remedy that will help you improve your quality of life. More and more people are choosing CBD oil as a way to get their health and life back on track. It’s a very healthy and safe way to deal with pain, which is something every chronic pain sufferer is looking for.

If you are interested in starting a CBD regimen, you should: 

  1. Do some initial research on CBD for nerve pain so you understand how it works, what you can use.

  2. Talk to your doctor about potentially using CBD for your nerve pain. You want to find out if there will be any interaction with other medications you are using. 

  3. Do some shopping online to find a potential CBD product that is safe and effective. Look for something organic and free of chemicals and additives.

  4. Stick to the recommended CBD dosage that is laid out for you by the manufacturer. You may be required to up your dose at some point, but you will want to start with a low amount.

  5. Watch out for any side effects that you aren’t happy. Keep in mind, most people who use CBD don’t experience anything negative.

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By Alex Malkin

Alex Malkin is editor-in-chief at CBD.market and CBD-enthusiast. He has extensive knowledge of CBD and cannabinoids. Professional expert on healthy living and nutritional food supplementation.


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