Survey Finds More US Adults Used Cannabinoids in the Past Year

  • Updated December 21, 2023

  • Published December 21, 2023

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Survey Finds More Americans Used Cannabinoids in the Past Year

A cross-sectional University of Chicago survey of American adults 18 years or older was conducted to investigate past-year use of CBD, CBG, and CBN. The researchers wanted to know if people used CBD and if they had heard of the emerging cannabinoids, like CBG and CBN. The results found that 26.3% (more than 1 out of 5) of the participants had used CBD during the June 22-26, 2023 study period. CBD had a higher recognition compared to the other cannabinoids.

This study focused on determining how widely used products are and whether people had heard of emerging cannabinoids. CBD and CBN were selected because these cannabinoids had been the subject of recently published clinical reports.

The survey results found that 26.3% had used CBD in the past year, and 71.1% had heard of it. The percentages are much lower for the other cannabinoids. Overall, 41.2% had heard of Delta-8 THC, 18.4% had heard of CBD, and 16.8% had heard of CBN. The results also say that 25.2% of survey participants used an emerging cannabinoid in the past year. People who used CBD in the past year were more likely to have used the other lesser-known cannabinoids. The group with the lower odds of using emerging cannabinoids were the non-Hispanic Black survey participants.

CBD use continues to grow; this is one more study confirming its increasing popularity. The fact that people are more likely to use cannabinoids indicates the research on emerging cannabinoids should accelerate along with the extensive ongoing research involving CBD.


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