CBD Products for Pets Gained More Popularity in 2021

CBD products for pets have gained more popularity in 2021

It was affected by the COVID-19 and the quarantine.

The Engine Group recently published data from a survey stating that 70% of households now own a pet. This is 3% more than was reflected in the previous survey. People began to monitor the physical and emotional state of their pets more carefully and pay more attention to their general well-being. This happened due to the fact that people spent much more time with them during the quarantine caused by the COVID-19. This has influenced the increase in the popularity of pet products, including CBD products.

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) has published its research, which claims that 35% of dog owners and 31% of cat owners have bought some CBD product for their pet at least once in the last 12 months. According to Phillip Cooper, president of Pet Industry Expert, CBD for pets is a very fast-growing trend. As a result, many CBD manufacturers are currently launching CBD preparations aimed at pet use. The most popular in the category were drops and oils, as well as special treats.

But cats and dogs, although the most common, are not the only types of animals for which CBD products are being produced. CBD brands made a great step forward and introduced their first lines of CBD products designed specifically for horses. Brands cooperate with the veterinary academic society and leading scientists to ensure quality and compliance with all necessary quality standards.

However, scientists warn that although there are works aimed at studying the effect of CBD on pets, there is still a certain lack of data. Dr. Justyna Kulpa, Ph.D., says that scientists are trying to eliminate gaps in knowledge and continue to study the topic.


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