CBD is a New American Panacea

2,000 Americans took part in a new survey by the Harris Poll, Quartz. The study was to find out how people use CBD in the US now.

The CBD market predicted to reach $22 billion by 2022. New CBD stores and restaurants open every other week, so it may feel like everyone you know has used the substance at least once. This non-psychoactive marijuana component is widely used to treat anxiety, sleeping disorder, and other modern conditions.

However, the research revealed that 86% have heard of CBD while only 20% actually tried it. That’s probably because CBD is treated like a part of wellness routine rather than something you use at parties, even though 50% or respondents said they take CBD to relax.

Millennials make the largest audience of CBD consumers. 10% of people in the US aged 18-44 take CBD regularly, that’s twice more than the number of users over 45. Most of the frequent consumers are men (10% male participants confirmed they use CBD regularly.) Geographically, CBD products are more popular in the Western part, where over 20% said they have tried it.

It looks like the industry will be growing as predicted – 80% of respondents say they support CBD and accept it as an alternative to traditional medicine to fight pain and anxiety.

Among the concerns, respondents named little-investigated side effects (38%) and combining CBD with traditional drugs (33%). Some people are worried that legalizing CBD may lead to legalizing other drugs.


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