Breakthrough Research Will Revolutionize CBD Delivery

  • Updated January 18, 2023

  • Published January 18, 2023

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Breakthrough Research Will Revolutionize CBD and Drug Delivery

MaxBio+ research at Aston University in Birmingham, UK, has led to a remarkable discovery: the ability to make oil soluble in water. Normally, oil and water do not mix, but this revolutionary new technique enables oil to be dissolved in water. The new process developed by UK researchers could transform CBD and drug delivery.

The initial research focused first on eye drops because previous clinical studies found that CBD (cannabidiol) benefits patients experiencing dry eyes. The evidence indicates that CBD has antimicrobial, analgesic and anesthetic properties. While working on developing CBD eye drops, the researchers discovered a way of creating a water-soluble CBD product.

Oil normally separates from water, limiting the use of therapeutic drugs to one or the other. The new technique in which oil is completely soluble in water has the potential for broader applications. For example, the researchers are looking at the common insulin delivery method for diabetics.

The MaxBio+ technique creates a clear, odorless, tasteless oil and water liquid. The liquid is manufactured without surfactants, alcohol, or heat. It would undoubtedly become the basis for a wide variety of CBD and non-CBD products, including drugs, inhalers, drinks and food across industries beyond pharmaceuticals. For example, products for pet care and sports recovery would benefit.

The MaxBio+ technique makes it easier for CBD to be absorbed by the body. When taken orally, there is six times more absorption of CBD. The new CBD liquid is 25,000 times more soluble than the current CBD. The researchers developed a concentration of CBD at 20mg/ml, which is 6,000 times higher than currently sold CBD drink products. The liquid can also be freeze-dried as a powder.

Professor Shah, Professor Consultant Ophthalmologist, Professor Aston University, and philanthropist Sean Ngu founded MaxBio+, said,

“This breakthrough in mixing oil and water is a genuine game-changer. Just imagine how it can change the health industry by allowing the oral delivery of many drugs that currently have to be injected. Insulin is a prime example. This could spell the end of injections for thousands of people. Then there are the eye drops and myriad ways to add CBD to food and beverages without compromising taste.”

The CBD industry is on the verge of transformation for many reasons, including the possibility of changing laws supporting more standardization of the CBD industry and accumulating global research delivering evidence of CBD’s health-supporting properties. The CBD industry is already growing rapidly, and this breakthrough is precisely how it is described – a game changer. CBD brands are frustrated with federal lawmakers and regulators because of their slow pace in establishing national guidelines. The MaxBio+ technique could be the discovery that encourages regulators to be part of a CBD industry transformation that will benefit millions of people.


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