Tips to Choose the Best CBD Balm Sticks

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Tips to Choose the Best CBD Balm Sticks

Choosing the best CBD balm stick is based on a combination of selecting a stick with ingredients that meet your particular needs and one that is high quality. Product quality is determined by checking for independent third-party lab testing, independent lab testing results that state results for pesticides, heavy metals and mold and the type and amount of cannabinoids. The company’s reputation in the marketplace is also an important consideration. For your personal needs, consider the product’s CBD potency, and review the ingredients before purchasing a product.

TLDR: A CBD balm stick is a favorite CBD topical product of athletes, people who do regular workouts at the gym and those who perform vigorous activities at work or home. The CBD muscle balm stick is convenient to carry and easy to apply. The CBD stick is made with CBD, botanicals, vitamins and a mixture of oils, and all hardened to a paste-like consistency with the addition of wax. When choosing a CBD relief stick, check customer reviews, the Certificate of Analysis (COA) and the company’s reputation for product quality.

What is a CBD Stick?

A balm is a concentrated, oily substance made from gum resin from certain plants and trees. Manufacturers often mix various oils and add other ingredients, like botanicals and vitamins.

The CBD stick is a CBD topical. It is a moisturizer or balm into which a concentration of CBD is infused. The moisturizer is used to soothe skin and provide benefits like aching muscle relief.

Some balms are manufactured as a CBD salve stick because it makes them easier, neater and faster to apply and carry places. A CBD stick is a balm to which wax, like beeswax, is added to harden the moisturizer.

How safe is the CBD oil stick? Since the CBD balm stick is topical, it is safe for most people. People with allergies should carefully review the ingredients though to ensure there is nothing in the product that may cause a skin reaction.

When and How to Use a CBD Stick?

It is easy to learn how to use a CBD stick. Applying the CBD stick’s balm is identical to applying a stick deodorant. Once applied, you should massage the balm into your skin. Some application options include the following.

  • Apply CBD balm before and after exercising or vigorous activity
  • Take a warm shower or soak in a warm water tub before applying the CBD balm for enhanced absorption
  • Use a hot compress for the skin before applying the CBD balm stick
  • Apply 3-4 times each day or as needed for muscle relief
  • Apply once in the morning and at night

The product description usually suggests an application schedule. Before applying a product for the first time, test it on a small skin area to ensure it does not irritate.

CBD Sticks, Gels and Roll-Ons: What is the Difference?

CBD Sticks, Gels and Roll-Ons: What is the Difference?

CBD products are available in many forms, including sticks, gels and roll-ons. They each contain CBD and other ingredients but have different consistencies.

CBD Sticks

The CBD stick contents are paste-like, or a soft solid and are made with ingredients like beeswax and cocoa butter plus a variety of oils and other ingredients that include vitamins, in addition to the CBD extract. The semi-hard balm is added to a rigid container that enables sliding the product back and forth, like a deodorant stick. CBD sticks apply a thin layer of balm with a smooth feel.

CBD Gels

A CBD gel is made with water, CBD oil, alcohol and other ingredients. It is sold as CBD gel in a jar or pump or as a roll-on gel. Some CBD gels can be used as a roll-on because a gel is water-based and thinner than an oil-based lotion.

CBD Roll-Ons

The CBD roll-on is another CBD topical skin treatment. The product has a ball applicator at the top of a tube that allows the spreading of a thin layer of blended oils or lightweight gel. When applied, a roll-on leaves a wet area, but the area dries within seconds.

The ingredients in the different products are similar, with the main difference being consistency. The consistency is created primarily with wax or a certain amount of water. The CBD sticks, CBD gels and CBD roll-ons make it easy to apply product to contoured areas of the body.

CBD Stick Reviews

Following are reviews of five popular CBD balm sticks sold by different brands.

1. CBDistillery CBD Relief Stick

CBDistillery CBD Relief Stick

This CBDistillery CBD Relief Stick is an extra-strength CBD isolate product. The CBD relief stick contains various oils, including coconut oil, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and more. The CBD stick has a base of beeswax with ingredients that include shea butter, vitamin E and ginger and peppermint oils and menthol. The product description focuses on the benefits for people doing vigorous workouts, like athletes.


  • Total of 1000 mg of CBD isolate so THC free
  • 16.13 mg of CBD per application
  • GMO-free
  • High moisturizing ability due to a blend of multiple oils from botanicals and Vitamin E
  • Certified for ISO 9001:2015, Natural Farming Practices and US Hemp Authority


  • Distinctively smells of the menthol and mint odor
  • Does not go on as smoothly as some competitor CBD sticks
  • Contains beeswax, which some people are allergic to
  • Less expensive competitive products available

2. CBDfx CBD Balm Stick

CBDfx CBD Balm Stick

The CBD muscle balm stick CBDfx CBD Balm Stick Muscle + Joint product delivers a cooling feeling to muscles and joints when applied due to the menthol ingredient and a warming feeling resulting from the wintergreen oil and camphor oils. The cooling/warming effect is the recommended home treatment for muscle aches. The balm stick has Candelilla wax and a mix of coconut oil and hemp seed oil in addition to peppermint and wintergreen oils. The scent is quite pleasant.


  • Total of 3000 mg of CBD broad spectrum
  • THC free
  • It provides intense moisturizing relief
  • The cooling effect from menthol, wintergreen and black pepper oil
  • People with allergies may note that the product does not contain beeswax
  • Organically-grown hemp
  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • Non-detectable amounts of pesticides, solvents and heavy metals per the COA


  • Some reviews mention that the relief delivered is temporary or too mild
  • Price is higher than some competitor products
  • Very small package size of two ounces

3. Charlotte’s Web Hemp-Infused Balm Stick

Charlotte’s Web Hemp-Infused Balm Stick is a good choice for applying to larger body areas, like thighs, because of the wider circumference of the packaging. It is formulated with menthol, turmeric oil and peppermint oil and has a pleasant, calming fragrance. The hemp-infused balm stick supports wellness by reducing feelings of discomfort and can be used any time of the day as needed.


  • Total of 525 mg of CBD full spectrum
  • Supports wellness by using morning and evening and after intense activity
  • Free of 8 allergens
  • Gluten-free and vegan
  • No parabens, artificial dyes or colors, sulfates or synthetic fragrances, sodium acrylates copolymer, carbomer, shark-derived squalene and betaine
  • No detectable mycotoxins, residual solvents, microbial, heavy metals and pesticides
  • Member of the Hemp Industries Association, National Hemp Association and U.S. Hemp Roundtable


  • Information as to where hemp is grown is unavailable
  • Certificate of Analysis only provides detailed results for cannabinoids with other results indicating pass or fail
  • It contains beeswax, which some people are allergic to
  • More expensive than most other products

4. Lazarus Naturals Relief + Recovery CBD Balm Stick

Lazarus Naturals Relief + Recovery Balm Stick is crafted to assist in the relief and recovery process, making it ideal for those experiencing discomfort. This powerful formula features a blend of capsaicin and menthol to help alleviate aches and soreness with a cooling and warming sensation. Ingredients like lanolin and sunflower seed oil ensure the skin is moisturized and nourished, while the robust 3600 mg of full-spectrum CBD from hemp works to offer profound, targeted relief for aches.


  • Total of 3600 mg of CBD full spectrum
  • Lanolin, beeswax, and jojoba oil to lock in skin moisture
  • No fragrances, sulfates, dyes, PEGS, phthalates or parabens
  • No pesticides, heavy metals, microbiol, residual solvents


  • It contains beeswax, which some people are allergic to

5. Level Select CBD LVL 3 Sport CBD Stick

Level Select CBD LVL 3 Sport CBD stick contains cocoa and shea butter, making a rich moisturizing combination. It also contains a complex mixture of oils that include grape seed oil, coconut oil, sunflower seed oil and Roman Chamomile oil and more. The balm has vitamin E for skin health. The product is creamy and goes on smoothly. Note that Social CBD was previously known as Select CBD.


  • A total of 600 mg of CBD isolate
  • THC free
  • USA-grown hemp
  • Compact size for easy carrying


  • The mint scent, which some people can’t find pleasant

6. Fab CBD Body Salve Stick

The Fab CBD Body Salve is a full-spectrum topical solution, available in a 2.5oz container with 3000mg CBD. It’s designed to offer a heating and cooling effect on the skin, perfect for providing relief to aching muscles and joints. The product contains a blend of essential oils and natural ingredients like organic golden jojoba oil, beeswax, and menthol crystals, creating a soothing and therapeutic experience. The salve is easy to apply, thanks to its twist tube packaging, and is favored for its effectiveness and pleasant rosemary mint fragrance.


  • Contains a high concentration of 3000mg full-spectrum CBD
  • Infused with a blend of organic golden jojoba oil and other natural ingredients
  • Offers both heating and cooling effects for muscle and joint relief
  • Easy to apply with twist tube packaging
  • Pleasant rosemary mint fragrance


  • Being full-spectrum, it may contain trace amounts of THC
  • Some users might be sensitive to essential oils or beeswax included in the ingredients
  • The higher CBD concentration could be more potent than needed for some users


A CBD relief stick is a convenient and non-messy product form. When shopping for a CBD balm stick, it is essential to thoroughly review the product ingredients on the label and the Certificate of Analysis. This will help you determine any ingredients you are allergic to or want to avoid. Customer reviews are helpful because people are willing to describe their experience – the good and the bad.

In addition, be sure to research a CBD brand of interest by checking the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) website. You can also do an internet search for independent reviews of the company or a particular product to identify how the marketplace feels about the company’s transparency, honesty and product quality.


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