Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a CBD Gum

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a CBD Gum

Including CBD in your daily routine has never been easier thanks to the large variety of CBD products available online and in stores. One of those products is CBD gum. It is easy to carry throughout the day, and there is a steady flow of CBD delivered while chewing. CBD gum continues to be a fast-growing CBD market segment because of its convenience, flavor and bypassing of the first pass metabolism process. In addition, the act of chewing gum has proven to increase focus. Between the CBD gum effects and the benefits of chewing gum in general, the increasing popularity of CBD gum is not surprising.

The List of CBD Gum Benefits

TLDR: CBD gum delivers a steady dose of CBD while chewing the gum. The CBD is absorbed through the tissue lining the mouth and enters the bloodstream, bypassing the first pass metabolism process. This increases bioavailability. There are also clinical studies that found the act of chewing gum delivers benefits like increasing focus. CBD gum is easy to carry throughout the day and offers a specific dose of CBD.

What is a CBD Gum?

The CBD gum for sale, like Endoca CBD chewing gum, is gum infused with CBD. Gum is a soft candy that can be chewed but should not be swallowed. A gum base is mixed with flavorings and sweeteners. It can be made with all-natural ingredients, sugar-free and with different flavors, like peppermint. In fact, the best CBD gum is made plastic free, biodegradable and has no preservatives. Biodegradable CBD gum will completely dissolve in the mouth.

Benefits of CBD Gums

Chewing CBD gum delivers CBD into mucosal tissues in the mouth. This is usually a rapid event which means bioavailability is higher due to the continuous chewing. The completed delivery into the circulation system is a little slower process. This is good because it means you may experience a sustained effect from the CBD.

However, as the Endoca brand points out, when you chew Endoca CBD Chewing Gum, the CBD is absorbed submucosally and sublingually. This significantly increases the speed of absorption compared to CBD edibles or capsules.

Four studies found the act of chewing gum delivers positive effects on mood, well-being, and work performance. Work performance improved because gum chewing was associated with higher alertness.

Clinical researchers are showing great interest in the potential of CBD chewing gum as a therapeutic that could help prevent certain dental problems, like gingivitis and burning mouth syndrome. These researchers are interested in investigating whether the endocannabinoid system could be a target for oral and dental disease treatment due to the increasing evidence that CBD may have anti-microbial and analgesic properties.

A study of the efficacy of various cannabinoids like CBD versus commercial oral products to reduce the bacteria from dental plaque found that cannabinoids were more effective than popular synthetic toothpaste.

There is also plenty of research found that CBD may have anti-oxidant effects. Antioxidants play an important role in maintaining good health.

CBD has also been found to be a possible treatment for promoting relaxation. Though much more research is needed, CBD in CBD gum can deliver many benefits.

What is a CBD Gum Used for?

CBD gum is used for many purposes. It is a way to take CBD that tastes good. CBD gum has no earthy flavor like the unflavored CBD tinctures and CBD oils, but it has high bioavailability like the tinctures and oils taken sublingually.

CBD gum is also used to reduce feelings of tension. Chewing gum is a calming activity. Each piece of CBD gum has a specific amount of CBD or potency, making it easy to control the amount delivered to your system.

For example, Endoca CBD chewing gum sold on the CBD.market website has 10 mg of CBD per one piece of chewing gum. It is also biodegradable, meaning the gum will dissolve when disposed of and never becomes the sticky enduring wad that traditional chewing gums become.

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Bioavailability of CBD Chewing Gums

Clinical research on the bioavailability of CBD chewing gum is sparse. The CBD bypasses the first pass metabolism process and is absorbed through the tissues in the mouth like a CBD tincture. The bioavailability of CBD is likely similar to the bioavailability of a sublingual CBD tincture which is approximately 13-19 percent according to one medical study. Other studies found bioavailability could be even higher. CBD bioavailability refers to the amount of CBD entering the circulatory system.

Where to Buy a CBD Gum?

The best place to buy CBD gum is online. Buying CBD products on a website like CBD.market makes it easy to purchase the gum and have it delivered straight to your home. Other places to buy CBD gum include CBD dispensaries and local stores. Remember to always buy CBD products from companies with a good reputation for maintaining quality.


  1. How Long Do You Chew a CBD Gum?

    You will chew a piece of CBD gum for approximately 20 minutes. You can enjoy the refreshing flavor of the gum while enabling the CBD to achieve full absorption.

  2. How Long Does CBD Gum Take to Kick in?

    Many factors determine CBD gum effects and when those effects will be experienced. They include your metabolic rate, weight and whether or not you have eaten recently. Each person is unique. Some people will feel the CBD gum effects within 30 minutes, but other people may take an hour or longer.

  3. What are the Benefits of CBD Gum for Golfers?

    Golfers are discovering that CBD gum may help them reduce the pressure associated with competition. The CBD may also reduce general aches that develop from the physical moves that golf requires. The CBD gum is travel-friendly and can be tucked into a pocket or a golf bag. That keeps the product handy at all times.

  4. How Much CBD is in a CBD Gum?

    Most CBD gum for sale today has approximately 10 mg of CBD per chicklet or stick. Products are usually mint-flavored and made with all-natural ingredients.

Chewing CBD Gums With a Purpose

Chewing CBD gum serves several purposes. It helps people relax and focus better while getting a dose of CBD delivered. The CBD gum can be consumed as needed and supplement other CBD products you may be taking regularly, like CBD capsules or CBD edibles. Try CBD gum and enjoy the benefits that a simple piece of gum can offer.


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