Real Scientific Hemp Oil

Real Scientific    was created in hopes of providing CBD to the masses. At the time, medical marijuana and CBD oil products were very difficult to get ahold of. It was very difficult to find a place in the United States to produce these products.

You also had trouble finding a way to buy CBD. Real Scientific found a farm in Northern Europe that met all of the requirements. A 750 family farm would soon be growing and harvesting the hemp that is used for Real Scientific’s products. Even the search for the perfect seed took some time.

Real Scientific cares about what their clients put into their body. Their belief stems from living a health lifestyle that focuses on things like a healthy diet, nutrient consumption, avoiding chemicals, etc. Real Scientific products are all-natural. Pure extracted hemp oil is used with confidence that it is a well-balanced product. Many hemp plants are so mass-produced that they lack nutrients. This is purposely avoided with RSHO when you buy CBD. Their goal is to safely grow, extract and produce a high quality product. This product is then sold to clientele all across the United States, free of additives, chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers and flavors.

If you are in search of a trustworthy product that you can buy CBD oil from, the products that we sell from Real Scientific and HempMeds are top of the line options. We supply you with the best products that we can find. If you have any questions you can contact our customer service. You can also touch base with the wonderful staff at either of these brands.


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