CBC & CBD Comparisons. What Better?

CBD is the short term for the word cannabidiol. CBC is short for cannabichromene. Both of these compounds are considered to be cannabinoids and there are 113 different varieties in total. Many people are familiar with the cannabinoid THC. THC is what provides that psychotropic effect from use of marijuana.

That high doesn’t come with all of the compounds. CBD and CBC don’t have a substantial THC content and a ‘high’ cannot be achieved. You may have heard of CBD oil with all of its recent popularity but you might be wondering what is CBC? Let’s discuss the differences between CBD and CDC.

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When you consume a product that contains cannabis in its composition, you are introducing a variety of cannabinoids into your bloodstream. CBC and CBD are just two of these compounds. You can use these products in oil form but there are also other product available like vape liquid, edibles and topical ointments. When these cannabinoids circulate through your body and brain you will experience a number of effects. This is because of the cannabinoids activating a variety of neurons in the brain. A pure oil product can assist with a variety of health issues including chronic pain and inflammation.
CBD Benefits and side effects

cbc and cbd oil difference


CBC oil is similar to CBD in a variety of ways but there are also some differences. CBC is very therapeutic and can actually replace the use of medicinal marijuana. Patients that haven’t responded properly to cannabis supplementation may respond better to CBC. You don’t get that paranoia or anxiety that many people experience from THC.

It also functions as an antibacterial and antiviral agent. It still provides the benefits that CBD oil provides like reducing inflammation and calming down pain in the body. If you are wondering more about what is CBC then it can be beneficial to do some further reading so you can cover all of your bases before making a decision regarding what you want to use.

how to use CBD oil


CBD oil and other CBD-based products can be used on a daily basis and for a variety of different conditions. CBD is most commonly used for inflammation in the body that may or may not be causing pain. It has also been known to drastically decrease seizures associated with epilepsy, reduce anxiety and calm tremors that occur with Parkinson’s disease. CBD is usually started at a very low dose, kept at that dose for a few weeks and then raised higher if need be.

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Can CBC or CBD Help You? Which One Should You Use?

Maybe you have decided that you want to try a cannabinoid to help with some sort of condition or symptom that you are having. With multiple different products and supplementation available it can be difficult to select which option to try out. If you are debating between CBC and CBD there are some ways to discern which of these supplements would be more beneficial.

Think about what you are trying to improve. CBC is more widely used for things like cancer and tumor growth. CBD is used more often to ease the side effects of cancer treatments. It can increase appetite after chemotherapy. If you are trying to alleviate pain in the body both of these products can provide relief. It is important to note that they can both be used at the same time. Just be sure to start out with one product first at a low dose. Then you can add the other and increase your dose as needed.

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What to Watch Out For

If you are using CBC or CBD you want to keep an eye out for unwanted side effects. Most people don’t experience anything negative but there can be instances of dry mouth or headache. If you experience any side effect that you are not comfortable with you should stop using the products that you have on hand and re-evaluate.

You could potentially be experiencing side effects associated with the kind of product that you have chosen and what you are noticing might not be related to the CBC or CBD. If you are using CBC oil for vape products and have a negative experience, it could be an additive in the vape liquid. Don’t worry about CBC oil prices. Make sure you are investing in something that is very pure, organic and non-GMO.

CBC and CBD are both very similar

CBC and CBD are both very similar in their composition but CBC just isn’t getting the same amount of attention that CBD products are. That doesn’t mean you can’t try CBC for an ailment that you are experiencing. You can always switch to the other option if you are not happy with the results. You can combine them to adopt a complimentary regimen which is what many loyal users and medical professionals recommend. As with CBC oil for vape or any cannabinoid product you will want to do adequate research to make sure that you are making the right decision and that you are using a product that will be pure, effective and safe.

CBC oil prices can vary as can CBD. You may want to have a budget before you make a purchase but don’t worry about saving a couple of dollars. Invest in something that you know you can trust.


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