CBD Oil Reduced Seizures: A New Study of Dogs

A recent study in the Yamazaki University of Animal Health in Japan has confirmed that CBD, or cannabidiol, can help to reduce dogs’ epileptic seizures. The full report is published in Pet Behavior Science.

Dogs reaction on CBD is similar to humans. A liquid CBD drug Epidiolex (the first CBD drug approved by the FDA) is used for treating humans’ seizures in two severe types of epilepsy. The Japanese researchers tested the potential of Epidiolex for dogs with seizures. The scientists checked how adequate, tolerable, and safe the drug was for dogs.

For eight weeks, the scientists gave CBD extract enhanced with coconut oil twice a day to three male dogs that suffered regular seizures. According to the report, epilepsy is prevalent for dogs.

Two of the three dogs experienced reduced seizures. The Labrador Retriever barked less and slept better, and had just two seizures during the experiment. After the treatment was over, he got another seizure. The Chihuahua experienced one weakened seizure while taking CBD and became less aggressive.

The other dog, Papillon, did not respond to the treatment: he had eight seizures during the study. However, the dog’s appetite improved and he also became calmer.

There have to be more studies like this one, as the number of dogs was too small for conclusions. But this research has given the direction to the scientists as the number of seizures reduced significantly.

According to the authors of the study, CBD helps humans with epilepsy because it reduces anxiety, a common seizure trigger. Further research will help to understand how exactly CBD affects the brain.


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